Thank You for an Amazing Fall 2020!

Thank you so much to our outstanding community for adapting to the challenges of the time and being dedicated to Jewish education. We ran a whole semester of classes online and it was a ton of fun! 

A few things that we did:

  • Started the year by making our own lulav and etrog along with setting our intentions for the year
  • Learned about midrashim (stories used to fill in parts of Torah stories) and wrote our own
  • Led the congregation in a successful Out of the Cold clothing drive by learning about homelessness and making posters
  • Read stories about children in the Holocaust and connected their values and experiences to our own lives
  • Explored the connection of many religions around the world
  • Made sure we were familiar with the aleph-bet and incorporated Hebrew words into our everyday life – we can all now say “I know a little Hebrew”
  • In our Jewish Art elective, we learned about Jewish artists, explored imagery, and made our own art which we displayed for our families
  • In our Jewish Music elective, we listened to music from centuries ago, explored the evolution of Jewish music, and made a new song together with original lyrics and beats 
  • Celebrated Chanukkah together by lighting the candles, presenting our electives projects, and playing dreidel
  • Did a Chanukkah Drive-Thru Party with sufganiyot, gift donations to Chai Lifeline, and magic from DooDoo the Clown!

We have more fun planned for 2021, and are so excited to continue learning together!



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